DIE CLOWNSHOW (die) in Phildadelphia


South Street Magic (617 Passyunk Ave, 19147), Philadelphia, PA, December 14, 15 & 16 @ 7:00 PM

DIE CLOWNSHOW (die) is a series of vignettes ending in unusual death. Life is short, and death is inevitable; we are presenting a multitude of possibilities to accompany that inevitability.

As our productions evolve, so does our team. There’s already a vibrant community that has gathered around Viscosity’s many original, home-grown productions. Our team consists of a great deal of talent flowing in and out, but here these are the artists involved in our current production of DIE CLOWNSHOW (die):

Jessica Snow: Actor/Creator

Rebecca Buckley: Actor/Creator

Hannah Van Sciver: Actor/Creator

Rebecca Schaffer: Actor/Creator/Lead Artist



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