A Crushmas Cabaret

Viscosity brings the Heat with A Crushmas Cabaret: Silly, Sexy, Smart, Adult. Our group of artists in Whitefish, MT have imagined the most vile, hilarious, sensual parodies of the holiday season with a Cabaret aesthetic. Rendered with truth, elegance, glamour, and sensuality, director Rebecca Schaffer combines human beauty and smut into one spectacular aesthetic that celebrates the body and the adornment of it for both men and women.

December 8th and 9th at 8pm
at the Crush Lounge in Whitefish

Tickets now available for pre-order!


Mikey Winn
David Blair
Collette Taylor
Adam Pitman
Matthew Bussard
Don Caverly
Rebecca Schaffer



Sponsored by Crush Lounge
124 Central Ave
Whitefish, Mt 59937

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