MeterCraeft is an audio-visual performance competition. Our mission is the celebration of art and community, and to offer opportunities for creative collaborative performance in Montana.


The word Metercraeft comes from Old English for the art of verse and poetry. However, this term intersects with dance through the concept of the metrical foot, and the idea of poetry in motion which evolved from the 1660s term: “poetry of the foot.” Crafting metrical rhythm is where dance and poetry meet. Here, too, is where a film’s pacing can harmonize with these other disciplines.

The MeterCraeft competition will take place during the Missoula Fringe Festival August 13-17, 2014. We encourage poets, dancers, and filmmakers to work together to create 3-7 minute performances. If you don’t have a team we can build one for you. Applications will be accepted through June 1st, 2014. Please see our official application guidelines for more details.

Though MeterCraeft is a competition, it is also a charitable event. Our drive is to raise funding and awareness to support small art venues in Missoula (including Voncommon and Zootown Arts Community Center). 100% of our proceeds (less production expenses) will be donated to self-funded local galleries and studios.

Help us combine creativity and collaboration to inspire a simple and genuine experience of the present moment.

To get involved, check out our Application Guidelines.

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